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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Vacation

International Med Retreat (IMR), a medical tourism company, was founded as an answer to the rising costs of medical treatment, the extended projected wait times for procedures as well as doctor shortages that will result from the overhaul to the United States healthcare system.

The medical facilities and surgeons within International Med Retreat’s global network are ranked among the top in the world; with JCI accreditation and board certification, patients are guaranteed access to top quality care in beautiful locations at affordable costs.

International Med Retreat’s network of surgeons and accredited facilities covers the globe including South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Our facilities not only offer affordable medical treatments for procedures commonly performed in the United States such as Total Knee Replacement and Gastric Bypass, but also procedures that are still considered experimental but are highly successful such as HIFU for Prostate Cancer.

Please find listed below helpful articles and FAQs addressing the top questions patients have when researching medical tourism.  You have made the right decision in choosing medical tourism for your procedure and we are excited to help you plan as you begin your medical journey!

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Medical Tourism FAQ’s

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism (MT) is a highly recognized and worldwide accepted involvement of a person seeking a medical procedure from established countries to various other areas of the world for medical care, generally to find world class medical procedures by Board Certified Physicians and Surgeons at a lower financial burden. In some cases Medical Tourism is different from the traditional model of international medical travel where patients usually journey from less established nations to Centers of Excellence and other world class major medical centers in selected nations for medical surgeries that are not available in their own communities or countries. Services generally looked for by tourists consist of elective treatments as well as intricate specialized surgical treatments such as joint replacement (knee/hip), cardiac surgery, oral surgery and cosmetic surgeries. Individuals with unusual hereditary conditions may take a trip to another country where treatment of these conditions is much better understood. Nevertheless, virtually every type of healthcare, including psychiatry, alternative therapies and convalescent care is available.

In which areas of the world is International Med Retreat involved?

International Med Retreat is only looking to expand to countries that meet our high standards for safety, medical care and equipment and who have proven to have a reputation for providing world-class medical treatment at economical prices. IMR currently offers procedures in South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Is treatment and care coordinated between my primary care physician and the international physician/facility?

Yes. We do facilitate between your primary care physician and your surgeon. Your medical records will be obtained from your primary physician and delivered to your surgeon at your destination with its confidentiality intact. All procedure and follow up care records will then be delivered to you and or your primary physician upon your return.

Do the physicians and staff members in hospitals where the patients are sent speak English?

Yes. One of our requirements of physicians that we work with is that they and those who will be directly involved in your care speak fluent English.

What happens after a patient accepts a quote from International Med Retreat?

They will be assigned a personal case manager to guide them through the process. Medical records will then be obtained from your primary care physician and the patient will fill out a medical questionnaire. Within 48 hours of contact with our hospitals International Med Retreat will follow up with you on the varying countries and physicians for you to choose from. At this time IMR will require a 10% estimated total cost deposit in order to start the booking process.

What if the patient requires a longer hospital stay or more recovery time?

IMR will provide the necessary arrangements to facilitate any change to travel dates, further recovery time needed and costs resulting in the additional time needed.

What documents will you provide a patient with before departure?

All documents regarding travel, lodging, your primary contact in the country of destination, and documents explaining in detail every step of the logistics from what to pack and prepare for, to arrival in your location and the complete itinerary and 24 hour on call assistance contact information both at home and abroad for you and your loved ones.

Do you offer visa and/or passport assistance?

Yes. In addition International Med Retreat is the only known firm with a complete in house travel agency with access to all the hotels, airlines, ground transportation and tours exclusively for our clients and is able to assist you with your travel needs and can even provide you with any travel documents needed. Patients can also go to the US Government website to learn what is needed in order to apply for a passport.

Does International Med Retreat coordinate with my insurance carrier?

Yes, absolutely! If the insurance carrier provides this type of coverage for overseas procedures. Please check your policies, as some carries will cover some expenses.

What costs are included in the IMR packages?

The costs included are coordination of initial patient-doctor consultations, scheduling of procedure, lodging (and travel if desired arrangements are made) as well as all costs related to the hospital stay and procedure costs. It also includes travel to and from the airport in your destination country as well as 24 hour per day access to our in country staff.

What records or testing are required of patients prior to departure?

All medical records, a medical questionnaire as well as any particular special needs and complete travel documents.

What happens once the patient arrives at the destination?

One you arrive at your destination, International Med Retreat will meet you at the airport and arranges your private transportation from the airport to your lodging, hotel and hospital as well as your return to the airport.

Is DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis or other susceptibility to clotting testing before travel required?

We require full disclosure by you and your physician of any susceptibility of clotting on a medical questionnaire that you will fill out towards the beginning of the process.

How does the patient contact International Med Retreat in country local staff and family once they arrive at the international destination?

You will be greeted personally outside of your baggage claim, once you clear customs by our easily identifiable staff. You will also be given before your departure our local staffs contact information, so you have this information before you leave home. Our local in country staff is even available for a Skype conference call prior to your departure.

How long are patients required to stay at the destination?

Your stay at your destination will vary depending on the type of procedure that is being performed and coordination with the treating physicians.

What kind of aftercare facilities and follow up are offered to the patient once they return home?

Depending on the procedure and the coordination of the treating physician, you and your family and your local doctor back home will have a complete follow up plan coordinated and in written format for your return. If necessary, a trained nursing staff member can meet you at the airport upon your return home. International Med Retreat even provides if necessary a trained and skilled Registered Nurse to accompany you from home to in country and back home again. International Med Retreat is the only firm offering this service exclusively to our clients.