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Why dental tourism is the solution to affordable dental treatment

medical tourism and dental treatmentAbout three-quarters of American adults suffer from some form of dental problem.

It would be expected therefore that the majority if not all of them seek dental treatment at home. Ideally, dental insurance should make it easier to access dental treatment as the patient is relieved of a big part of the cost.

So in this setting where it is available dental treatment and dental insurance, why is it that still many Americans are having difficulty accessing dental treatment?

Well, the policies surrounding healthcare insurance are to blame. This is because the higher premiums placed on insurance have made it difficult to access affordable dental care especially following the institution of Obamacare in the health industry. Inability to afford dental insurance, therefore, leaves a significant number of Americans uninsured.

Affordable dental treatment with medical travel seems to offer the best of alternatives for uninsured Americans.

As a matter of fact, 400,000 Americans chose medical travel for dental procedures in 2012 and with this choice they experienced average cost savings of up to 70%.

The main reason that motivated such a massive group of people to believe in medical travel is the success that is connected with it. When an individual finds the right dental facility abroad, they can be assured of experiencing high-quality dental care at very affordable costs. A simple way of identifying the right destination that matches the individual’s needs is to engage an authentic medical travel organization.International Med Retreat is a reputable medical travel organization that serves in helping individuals to find affordable dental procedures with dental tourism abroad.

Depending on the individual’s dental needs and personal preferences, one can choose from many of IMR’s facilities in Europe, Asia, and South America.

IMR offers unique dental procedures such as the all on four dental implants which involve surgical fixation of a new set of non-removable teeth. By replacing the entire mouthful of teeth it covers for repair of broken teeth, replacement of missing teeth and simply restores a flawless smile. These affordable dental implants can be accessed at a cost of about $15,000 which compares with the cost of the same implant surgery in the U.S. ($25,000- 57,000).

Other commonly performed dental procedures such as dental bridges and dental veneers are similarly performed at affordable costs. These procedures prepare the patient for dental renovation for attachment of artificial teeth. It is also used for replacement of decaying teeth or teeth lost due to trauma and other periodontal diseases.  Call us for a free consultation and quote.  877-549-1212

Affordable All on Four Dental Implants

Written by: Tracy B. McManamon,  2016

Affordable All-On-Four Dental Implants

Affordable All-On-Four Dental Implants

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All-On-Four Dental Implants are ever growing in popularity, as patients realize their long term value. Implants are merely artificial roots, which can serve as the foundation for your new teeth. These artificial roots are attached directly to your jawbone causing greater stability and long term wear. Whereas dentures wear on the jawbone and seem to inconveniently slip at just the wrong moment, dental implants both strengthen the jaw and remain firmly in place at all times. Dental Bridges are another option many turn to, particularly when they are only missing a small number of teeth. While a great option, often patients find the upkeep at home and required follow-up maintenance tiresome and financially draining and therefore looking into affordable all on four dental implants may well be worth your time.  Implants not only look and feel like your natural teeth, but they are built to last a long time with minimal follow-up or maintenance.

It is possible that a patient may need one of three procedures: full mouth implants, partial implants, or a single implant. Whether they are replacing all of their teeth, or just a few, or even just one, this procedure is meant to last a long time, is said to be more comfortable than other forms of dentures, prevents bone loss often caused by other forms of dentures by maintaining the strength of your jawbone, retains their natural biting and chewing abilities, requires easy maintenance, and will not put any extra stress on surrounding teeth. For all of these reasons, dental implants are ever growing in popularity; however, the staggering prices for dental implants often place it just out of reach for those most in need or desiring it. In the U.S. many Affordable All on four dental implants, for example, range from around $35-45,000 and as most dentists and insurance companies consider this procedure “cosmetic,” the average person is left bewildered as to how to proceed and obtain the implants they so readily need.

Some have turned to schools of dentistry for lower costs, but are often faced with long waiting periods. Dentistry schools are also only able to accept patients fitting a particular criterion. There are discount plans and financing options; however, even these only help to deter a small fraction of the cost or simply spread it out over the course of a downpayment followed by many monthly payments. The fourth option, perhaps lesser known, but growing increasingly preferred is medical travel. Prices for dental implants outside of the United States, take Costa Rica for example, can save someone 50-70%. This savings takes into account airfare, lodging, and even sightseeing while in Costa Rica. For patients seeking world-class, highly trained dentists with a great deal of experience, while needing to cut the overall cost of the procedure in half, medical tourism may be just the ticket.

Gastric Lap Band: a better option for weight loss surgery

The gastric lap band procedure is one of the latest advancements in the health industry, aimed at providing a working weight loss solution.

Although commonly termed as lap band or A- band, this procedure gets its name from the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band. This is a device made from silicone and used to treat obesity especially in patients who also have co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. The gastric band is fixed on the upper part of the stomach in order to slow food consumption. Consequently, less food, fewer calories is consumed, helping to manage obesity by preventing more weight gain.

Usually, this procedure is indicated for individuals who have not been successful in using diet modifications and exercise to lose weight.

Although it is more costly than simple dieting and exercise, when these have failed, lap band surgery cost becomes a price that can be easily paid in order to achieve desired weight loss.

How exactly these procedure works is the big question. Well, placing the inflatable gastric band high up on the stomach creates a smaller stomach pouch. In essence, it provides the individual with the capacity to achieve an early sense of satisfaction. This person will be hungry less often and feel fuller for a much longer time. In as much as it limits the amount of food eaten, still, one has to eat healthy to achieve optimum weight loss. Being adjustable, the gastric bands can be adjusted over the course of time as the person loses weight.

Lap band surgery cost is worth the advantages related to it.

Firstly, it is a minimally invasive surgery by virtue of the fact that it can be performed laparoscopically. Laparoscopic surgery involves making tiny insertions on the abdominal skin to allow for passage of a probe connected to a camera and computer monitor. Thus surgery is performed with minimal complications as compared to open surgery. Secondly, the procedure can be reversed if need be.

In comparison with other forms of weight loss surgeries, lap band surgery has its unique benefits. It is associated with a short hospital stay and a quick recovery. The band is also adjustable without the need for additional surgery. The integrity of intestinal function is also preserved hence no risk of malabsorption disorders.

Affordable Breast Augmentation

BreastReductionA woman’s assets can be her pride and joy. Breast size has been demonstrated to be linked to confidence in a woman, and women with small breasts tend to opt for affordable breast augmentation surgery in order to enhance the natural look.

These days, breast augmentation surgery has become one of the most common surgeries that are performed in clinical practice by plastic surgeons. But many times, there is one factor that stops women from undergoing the surgery and that is the cost.

Breast augmentation surgery involves the insertion of silicone or saline implants under the breast tissue and over the chest wall. The end result is more shapely breasts and a larger cup size. Women may undergo breast augmentation for a number of different reasons and one of the primary reasons is the lack of self-confidence due to small breast size. The average cost of breast implant insertion including the entire procedure can range from $5000-$10,000. Of course, this cost is variable and can be much higher. This kind of cost is a limiting factor in breast augmentation surgery.

The role of medical tourism

Over the last few years, numerous centers have popped up around the world where high-quality care is provided to patients at an affordable cost. Many patients are therefore traveling abroad to receive the same care that they would do at a higher cost in the United States. ‘Medical tourism’has become commonplace in the practice of medicine these days and breast augmentation surgery is now being performed as a part of the medical tourism service.

The primary advantage of medical tourism is that it offers low-cost cosmetic surgery. Patients can get the same quality of care at the hands of a trained professional, many of whom have actually worked in the United States and obtain their qualifications there. The hospitals are hygienic and maintain an extremely high standard of professionalism. Surgeries are performed using state-of-the-art equipment and aseptic techniques that one would expect the best center to offer.

It is for this reason that patients are now willing to spend money to go abroad to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The cost of travel and the surgery including hospital stay works out to be significantly less than the cost of just a surgery in the United States. Furthermore, surgery is now performed in exotic locations so many patients visit these countries with their families and make a vacation out of their stay there. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that more and more women are now seeking breast augmentation abroad.


Breast augmentation surgery can work wonders in a woman’s life. However, the cost can be a significant limiting factor. Medical tourism brings the opportunity to patients to undergo the breast augmentation surgery that they would wish to have at a cost that is not too hard on the pocket and at a standard that is equivalent to the top centers in the United States.  Call us for a free quote and to see how affordable breast augmentation can be.  We are available at 877-549-1212.  US based.  Experts in Medical Travel

The Advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery

The Advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Over the last decade or so, people have become more conscious about the weight they are gaining and the associated health conditions that accompany overweight problems. While many have attempted to lose weight through diet and exercise, many have found that this is not always successful. Individuals who are very overweight sometimes require surgery and, in the United States, weight issues are a rising problem. Treating obesity through gastric bypass surgery is an internationally recognized and very safe procedure that has excellent long-term outcomes. However, the surgery is not cheap which makes individuals hesitate to undergo this treatment. That being said, it is easy to obtain high-quality gastric bypass surgery performed by trained medical experts in countries outside of the United States at a fraction of the cost.

Gastric Bypass Surgery – what is it?

Gastric bypass surgery is a commonly performed surgery that helps an individual lose weight. The basic principle is simple – the surgery involves reducing the size of the stomach to one that is much smaller. This means that when a person tries to eat food, he or she will feel full after they have had a small portion of food. A reduction in the number of calories consumed will result in the body burning the excess fat that is present and ultimately causing weight loss.

Gastric bypass surgery may be performed either as an open surgery or more commonly through a laparoscopic approach. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. In laparoscopic surgery, a few small incisions would be made on the surface of the abdomen through which tiny tubes are passed in order to visualize the stomach within the abdominal cavity. Along these tubes are passed surgical instruments, which allow the surgeon to reduce the size of the stomach. After the bypass has been created, the tubes are taken out and stitches are applied. Patients require a short period of observation following this procedure before being discharged from the medical facility.

This surgery requires an expert surgeon to perform the procedure. In the United States, there are numerous surgeons who perform this procedure, but at a much higher cost. Currently, in the United States, the cost of the surgery varies and can range between $15,000 all the way up to $60,000. This is where medical tourism comes in.

The Advantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery with Medical Tourism

Gastric Bypass can also be performed outside the United States for a price that is significantly less. Normally around 70% or more less than U.S. doctors. However, there is often concern regarding the quality of the procedure. Reassuringly, the training that the doctors receive is often from the best Medical Schools and hospitals in the United States and Europe. The medical facilities are world class and allow patients to undergo the procedure in a safe environment. Long-term results are excellent and in addition to just a surgery, patients can also enjoy a short trip in an exotic country.

Gastric Bypass Surgery has now become more easily accessible making it possible for those who are significantly overweight to receive the care that they deserve. Less expensive options mean people can save their hard earned money and undergo excellent treatment they wish to receive.

To see just how affordable this procedure can be, contact me for a free quote.  Quotes usually delivered in 3 days.  Imagine you can have your procedure done while on vacation in the Caribbean.  Call me for details.  Tracy B. McManamon 877-549-1212